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Canine Ergonomics: The need for a SCIENCE of Working Dogs

Reviews of Human Factors and Ergonomics: v. Albert R. My own personal hero in this area is Dr.

Now providing college programming, and doing research on training and the use of assistance dogs, Dr. Bergin has been a model for us all.

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And the plasticity, the versatility, the adaptability of the canine species is very much aligned with ours. So the time has come to elevate the dog to take its place beside humans, equines, bovines and other mammalian species as a specific subject of study at the college and university level. No animal does more for us, none share a more intimate relationship with us, nor can any claim more years of alliance with us — than the dog — our partner, our friend, our helpmate.

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Books from several disciplines line my shelves in the attempt to define and explore the nature of working dogs. In this vein, I very much agree with psychology professor, Dr. William S. I suspected that Dr.

Canine Ergonomics : The Science of Working Dogs

Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description Since Canis lupus familiaris first shared a fire with man more than 15, years ago, dogs have been trusted and valued coworkers. Yet the relatively new field of canine ergonomics is just beginning to unravel the secrets of this collaboration. As with many new fields, the literature on working dogs is scattered across several non-overlapping disciplines from forensics and the life sciences to medicine, security, and wildlife biology.

Canine Ergonomics

Canine Ergonomics: The Science of Working Dogs draws together related research from different fields into an interdisciplinary resource of science-based information. Providing a complete overview, from physiology to cognition, this is the first book to discuss working dogs from a scientific perspective. It covers a wide range of current and potential tasks, explores ergonomic and cognitive aspects of these tasks, and covers personality traits and behavioral assessments of working dogs.

http://app.omnicuremd.com/kawasaki-loader-70zv-troubleshooting-manual.php A quick look at the chapters, contributed by experts from across the globe and across the multidisciplinary spectrum, illustrates the breadth and depth of information available in this book. Traditionally, information concerning working dogs is mostly hearsay, with the exchange of information informal at best and non-existent at worst. Most books available are too general in coverage or conversely, too specific.

They explain how to train a service dog or train a dog to track, based on training lore rather than empirical methods verified with rigorous scientific standards.

What is the difference between "friendly" and "dominance" training in your dog's brain?

This book, drawing on cutting edge research, unifies different perspectives into one global science: Canine Ergonomics. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Helton, P.