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Inexperienced Serena just got a scholarship to study her degree in the US. Being the only black student class is intimidating enough, but having a handsome, alpha male teacher doesn't help either.

  • Controstoria della Liberazione: Le stragi e i crimini dimenticati degli Alleati nell’Italia del Sud (Italian Edition).
  • Appuntamento con la paura (Oscar scrittori moderni Vol. 1507) (Italian Edition)!
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When Serena reveals that she's struggling to make ends meet, Dr. White invites her to his home to do some odd jobs for some extra cash. She has no idea that the jobs she'll be performing will be hard and unprotected, and that she'll be showing up to school the next day with a little less hair than she had before.

When the black and beautiful Tasha moves to New York, she dreams of making it big This white alpha billionaire is searching for the perfect black woman to give him an heir, and Tasha is just what he's looking for. He takes the curvy black beauty, hard and without protection!

He is relentless. He won't take no for an answer. When Simone Barnet walked out of Scott Lennox's penthouse after spending a wild night with him, she thought that she was done. Scott had other ideas. After weeks of scorning his advances, how will things turn out when Simone finally loses her patience and goes to confront Scott? Aliyah's White Boy Aliyah thinks she's home alone and is caught loving herself by her cream skinned boyfriend.

All fictional characters are over the age of majority and all sexual acts are completely consensual. Please use your own discretion. Rachel and Mekhi are new roommates and old friends.

Rachel has wanted him for as long as she's known him, but he only dates women of his own race. She settles for fantasies and friendship, longing for more. Mekhi never saw Rachel as anything more than a friend until they became roommates. Suddenly, she is all he can think of. Now, he has to convince her they should share a bed, not just an apartment. Enjoy some unprotected fun tonight! A new erotic short story by popular erotic romance author, Jack Madique! Piper and Felicia thought this would be the greatest road trip ever.

But their clunker of a car breaks down a day into the trip, trapping them in the middle of nowhere Texas, USA. They go to the nearest bar they can find, a cowboy dive in the middle of nowhere.

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  • Analytical Psychology and German Classical Aesthetics: Goethe, Schiller, and Jung Volume 2: The Constellation of the Self.

Here, she meets Mr. Brown Eyes, the painfully attractive black bartender with an endless supply of drinks to keep her occupied. The more she drinks, the wetter she gets for Mr.

Brown Eyes! Big and Black Mr. Brown Eyes decides to take this spunky little white tourist home for the night. Daniel, her bodyguard, trained her for 6 weeks for this dangerous mission into Sicily, seething with Mafia gangsters. Follow them now in this second part of their dangerous mission in Sicily.

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