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After the Xinhai Revolution overthrew the Qing dynasty in , Xianyu was given up for adoption in at the age of eight to her father's friend, Naniwa Kawashima , a Japanese espionage agent and mercenary adventurer. Her stepfather changed her name to "Yoshiko Kawashima" and took her back to Tokyo , Japan to be raised and educated in the Kawashima family house.

As a teenage girl, Kawashima was sent to school in Tokyo for an education that included judo and fencing. Around the time her adoptive family moved to Matsumoto. Kawashima's biological father, Shanqi, died in As Kawashima's mother had no official identity as Shanqi's concubine, she followed Manchu tradition and committed suicide to join Shanqi. At the age of seventeen, her stepfather raped her and later carried on an affair with her.

In November at age 20, her brother and step-father arranged for her marriage to Ganjuurjab in Port Arthur also known as Ryojun , who was the son of Inner Mongolian Army general Babojab , who once led the Mongolian-Manchurian Independence Movement there in The marriage ended in divorce after only three years and she left Mongolia , and she first traveled to teeming coastal towns of China and lived a bohemian lifestyle for some years in Tokyo with a series of rich lovers, both men and women.

She was living with Tanaka in Shanghai at the time of the Shanghai Incident of After Tanaka was recalled to Japan, Kawashima continued to serve as a spy for the general Kenji Doihara. She undertook undercover missions in Manchuria , often in disguise, and was considered "strikingly attractive, with a dominating personality, almost a film-drama figure, half tom-boy and half heroine, and with this passion for dressing up as a male. She possibly did this in order to impress the men, or she may have done it in order to more easily fit into the tightly-knit guerrilla groups without attracting too much attention".

Kawashima was well-acquainted with Puyi , the last emperor of the Qing dynasty, who regarded her as a member of the imperial family and welcomed her into his household during his stay in Tianjin. It was through this close liaison that Kawashima was able to persuade Puyi to become a figurehead ruler for Manchukuo , a puppet state created by the Japanese in Manchuria. However, Kawashima privately criticised Puyi for being too amenable to Japanese influence.

After Puyi became Emperor of Manchukuo, Kawashima continued to play various roles and, for a time, was the mistress of Hayao Tada , the chief military advisor to Puyi. She formed an independent counter insurgency cavalry force in made up of 3,, former bandits to hunt down anti-Japanese guerrilla bands during the Pacification of Manchukuo , and was hailed in the Japanese newspapers as the Joan of Arc of Manchukuo. The unit continued to exist under her command until sometime in the late s.

Kawashima became a well-known and popular figure in Manchukuo, making appearances on radio broadcasts and even issuing a record of her songs. Numerous fictional and semi-fictional stories of her exploits were published in newspapers and also as pulp fiction. The mable is so classic and the variation in color is so beautiful.

After Mr.

The History Behind the Killing of Mata Hari

Yolo installed it, I could not stop staring. I worked with Kohler again on this bathroom because they have the most beautiful fixtures and they are a Wisconsin company, and I always love supporting my home state! Speaking of the sink, the console sink is SO beautiful!!!

And the shape on this one is the most fancy, plus the way it looks against the blue background makes me oh-so happy which is something I never thought I would say about a toilet, ha!

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I have ordered art from Minted before, but the quality of these new Limited Edition Fine Art Prints are on another level. The art they have curated, combined with the antique gold frame and heavy mat, makes the art look so rich. The simplicity of these two pieces worked so great against the wallpaper and the blue beadboard.

Monaco, the Jewel in Spy's Crown

First, the photograph the bathroom, I elected to add flowers, and pretty things like vintage books, where toiletries would most likely go. I am also planning on squeezing in a little shelving unit next to the sink for makeup and and there is a plug for a blowdryer, etc. But, as we were completing this room, we really talked about the future of the house, and the plan was to rent it out for a couple years, and then Airbnb it, but we decided to try it as an Airbnb right away, so storage was not as necessary for short term guests.

The house is turning out even better than we hoped, so we are excited to open it for visitors to Milwaukee! Thank you so much for following along on the 5 week renovation, and thats to the One Room Challenge for asking me to be a Featured Designer! I would love to hear what you think! X 36 in. The hub and I had an 8. For real, this trip rated high, if not the highest, on my favorites list. It has beautiful scenery, loads of history, great food and is inexpensive, something everyone will love! I digress. My Great-Grandparents came over to the US from Croatia, and even though I am a couple generations removed, my family has always been super proud of our Croatian heritage.

After my Dad turned 80 last year, he started talking about road tripping with his kids through Croatia. My parents went there a few years ago to connect with living relatives and I spent a week there in college, so we both got a taste of the beauty of the country, so it was not a hard sell to go back. Plus, my little Sister lives in Prague, so road tripping from there to Croatia was a no brainer.


After a flurry of family emails, the trip was planned, slightly modified, because I have a babe on the way and road-tripping in a foriegn country was a bit out of my comfort zone My parents, little sister, and our uncle would road trip from Prague to Split, and Mr. Yolo and I would turn the trip into a Babymoon in the city of Split we set up homebase there and took day trips to Krka Waterfalls and a ferry to Vela Luka and the family would meet us in Split for a couple days of exploring. It was incredible!

Riqui Puig, the perla emergent of the FC Barcelona

The time spent with my hub and family is something I will hold in my heart forever. I woke up in the States this morning wondering if it was all a dream because it was just that good! All the while, the EFF maintains the dragnet surveillance. The civil liberties group told Judge Walker the spying is as an "unprecedented, suspicionless general search through the nation's communications. Congress adopted legislation immunizing the telecommunication companies after Walker ruled the EFF's case against the telecommunication companies could proceed, despite the government's assertion of the state secrets privilege.

The EFF is appealing the dismissal. Bush publicly claimed the Terror Surveillance program, adopted in the wake of the terror attacks, was limited to American's electronic communications with people overseas the government suspected were linked to terrorism. The immunity legislation approved last summer went on to legalize such warrantless spying, though Bush said his wartime powers were enough to authorize the surveillance. A Friday government report indicates Bush's spying was much greater in scope than the former president admitted. The EFF has a tough road ahead of it.

A federal appeals court threw out a similar case two years ago, ruling the plaintiffs in that case could not prove their communications were siphoned to the NSA, and hence lacked standing to sue.