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The Commission encouraged the release of its records to the fullest extent possible in January There is approximately cubic feet of textual records. A large percentage of the Commission's records are national security classified files.

The 9-11 Commission Report

Later investigations found no evidence that the Saudi government or senior Saudi officials knowingly backed the 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were from Saudi Arabia. But politicians and relatives of victims pushed to get the pages published because of questions over whether Saudi nationals in contact with the hijackers after they arrived in the US knew what they were plotting.

Top secret 9-11 report

Barack Obama ordered a declassification review. The House intelligence committee voted to reveal the pages but with certain redactions to protect sources.

Because the information can be released without jeopardising national security, the American people should be able to access it. Basnan lived across the street from two of the hijackers — Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi — in San Diego and told an FBI asset that he had helped them, according to the document. As of June none of these leads had been checked out. The documents are therefore comparable to preliminary law enforcement notes, which are generally covered by grand jury secrecy rules.

The Commission's 10 Members: Thomas H. Kean, Chair - former governor of New Jersey Fred F. Jamie S.

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Slade Gorton - Senator from Washington State from and John F. Lehman - Chairman of J. Timothy J. James R.

National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

Thompson - Illinois' longest serving governor, from Intelligence Collection, Analysis, and Management including oversight and resource allocation. International Counterterrorism Policy, including states that harbor or harbored terrorists, or offer terrorists safe havens. Timeline: November 27, - President George W. Bush signs a bill creating the Commission. December 11, - Former Senator George Mitchell, originally chosen by Democrats to be vice chairman, resigns, saying the workload would be too much and citing potential conflicts of interest with his law firm.

December 13, - Kissinger resigns over potential conflicts of interest involving clients of his consulting firm and public outcry over his appointment.

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