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December 22, December 27, - January 2, Specially designed workshops that focus on the body-mind-spirit advice from the Edgar Cayce readings on topics that youth and young adults can apply to their daily lives, Read More. Category: A. December 29 - 31, Six exciting presentations featuring M. Hart, and Adrian Costillo Read More.

December 29, Come learn the key to making the right decision! Whether it's big or small, this workshop will give you the tools you need to conquer anything life will throw your way. January 18, Learn a new healing modality in this experiential workshop which explores ancient energy healing knowledge found in the Edgar Cayce Life Readings and discover how to use these tools to bring balance t… Read More.

John Van Auken, author of the best-selling " The Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy," will present an in-depth look at the global, physical, and spiritual predictions for our times and why change mu… Read More. Category: Conferences , U. From Creation to Revelation with Peter Woodbury.

January 19, In this workshop, we'll take a voyage through our cycles of karma to grace, all the way to the Book of Revelation, and examine how we are living in the times prophesied in this esoteric and enigmatic … Read More.

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January 25, January 26, January 29, February 6 - 9, Whether you simply want to enhance your personal meditation routine, or want start your own program or join an existing holistic practice, you can enhance your current career or start a new journey wi… Read More. February 08, February 29, In this transformative one-day workshop, Gregg will give you the tools you need to accelerate your journey and embrace deeper levels of peace, happiness, and intuitive ability. March 13 - 15, In this fun, practical, and action-packed two-part training, pendulum expert Anne Avidon will share what she has learned about the power of the pendulum and how she uses it daily as a tool for healin… Read More.

March 19 - 22, A true retreat for the soul. Hear two dynamic speakers examine aspects of consciousness and vibrations contained in the Edgar Cayce material. It is a weekend you will not want to miss! Explore Ancient Egypt. March 24 - April 4, Join us for our most popular Cayce-inspired guided tour and meditate in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid!

Soul Companions: Animal Communication and Healing. March 27 - 29, Back by popular demand! Gain practical tools and techniques for helping the pets and animals in your world enjoy a deeper, more meaningful relationship with you, and a happier life! In this experiential program, you will explore the material in the Cayce readings on preparation for death and for life after death.

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From the perspective of our soul's journey, you'll gain new insigh… Read More. This revolutionary new system of healing found in the Edgar Cayce Life Readings incorporates energy work, vibrations, gemstones, prayer, affirmations, and even the etheric body. This special day-long event with Sidney Kirkpatrick will be filled with stories, seldom seen slides, movie clips, and lots of answers to your questions about Edgar Cayce and the creation of the A.

April 19 - 24, Become a transpersonal Life Coach and help change lives for the better! This weeklong program focuses on body, mind, and spirit as you learn how to guide clients into physical, mental, and spiritual w… Read More. The Cayce readings give us clear guidance toward living in Oneness. In this program, Patrick will make these concepts practical and show you how to apply them in your day-to-day life.

May 1 - 3, Experience the wisdom and comfort we can receive from those who have crossed over and learn how these glimpses of beyond provide us with reason to believe that life is eternal and love is everlasting,… Read More. Cheryl brings you practical, readily applicable tools to help you tap into past lives influencing you today. Signs, Symbols, Stars, and Stones. May 15 - 17, Learn to see and hear the powerful messages and interpret the subconscious signals the Universe sends to us in ordinary and extraordinary ways.

Garden Weekend. May 22 - 25, Each year, we open the Camp for the summer season with a fun-filled hard-working weekend of gardening!

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  7. Construction Camp. May 25 - June 7, Each year, we open the Camp for the summer season with a fun-filled, two-week session when volunteers can come for FREE in exchange for some work. Journey to Israel with Chris and Sharon Fazel. May 31 - June 9, Experience Israel and the Holy Lands and walk the paths trod upon by Saints and Prophets, and feel the Bible and the Cayce readings come to life in this once-in-a-lifetime tour.

    Empower Your Healing. Young Family Retreat. June 20 - 23, This three-day retreat invites young families to a taste the rhythm and joys of family camp in a bite-sized portion. June 21 - 26, This annual event celebrates the legacy of Edgar Cayce with workshops, lectures, special guest speakers, and social gatherings.

    Cayce Young Kids Camp ages June 24 - 27, This unique session will give younger campers a chance to have their first solo experience at A. Family Camp One. June 28 - July 4, Camp provides a unique setting where families can play games, sing, hike, and enjoy a campfire together--they can pray and meditate together too.

    July 5 - 25, Specially designed to give our youth an opportunity to laugh, sing, and play together while exploring their talents, interests, and abilities in an environment that brings them close to nature and the… Read More. July 17 - 19, Come learn from some of the most experienced teachers as they share the wisdom of the Cayce readings with insight, humor and warmth. Teen Appalachian Trail Hike Ages July 25 - August 1, Teens will remember this hike for the rest of their lives!

    Sleeping under the stars, cooking meals over a fire, and communing with nature--with adult hike leaders! Family Camp Two. July 26 - August 1, Camp provides a unique setting where families can play games, sing, hike, and enjoy a campfire together — they can pray and meditate together too.

    Adult Retreat. August 2 - 8, Experience one-of-a-kind mindful living!

    Spend your days having meaningful conversation with like-minded individuals, taking a hike up to White Rock Mountain, meditating in a shady oak grove, and livi… Read More. Young Adult Retreat. August 9 - 12, Come together, make lasting friendships, and learn skills and insights to help you walk through a life-path of fullness and joy. August 25 - September 6, Registration for this exciting tour is not yet open.

    Judgement of Atlantis Choices and Ending

    Save the Date! August 25 - September 6, !

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    September 18 - 29, From the charming scenery to the spiritual experiences based on the Cayce material, this tour is sure to be one of a kind! October 8 - 11, October 18 - 23, Learn this popular healing modality with respected Cayce teacher, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and Harvard University graduate, trained by Dr.

    Regression Hypnosis Experiential Intensive October 23 - 25, This unique advanced-level course, limited to 12 students, provides in-depth experiential training in the use of advanced regression techniques for deep healing and soul growth. October 31 - November 1, Let's Talk Cayce in Middleboro, Mass.

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    A presentation and group discussion. Bring a Conference to Your City. Available Now.

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    Edgar Cayce's Promises for the Aquarian Age. Edgar Cayce biographers Sidney Kirkpatrick and Nancy Kirkpatrick explore the living legacy of the readings and their impact on both recipients in the past and on spiritual seekers today. Karma Can Be a Real Pain. Are physical and mental illnesses the result of karma acquired in a past life, and if so, does uncovering that lifetime lead to healing? Healthy Pets — Naturally. Join us online for this on-demand presentation featuring holistic veterinarian and author Dr. Doug Knueven who will share his decades of experience with natural and complimentary pet care Read More.

    Join us online for this on-demand presentation featuring Dr. Norm Shealy and his health plan for transforming your life in 90 days! Angels and Your Extraordinary Soul Purpose. Join us online for this on-demand conference session featuring psychic Kim O'Neill on the important role our angels and guardians play in our lives.